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Big E

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Does someone know a way to display more than two pages of new posts? I usually check new posts when I get home from work and there is always only two pages even though there could be four pages of new posts.

I've looked in my profile, setting, forum actions, etc and I don't see anything to change this.

Anyone point me in the right direction?



dead in the water
I could be wrong, but I think Chris has the site set to just display the 50 most recent "new" posts. It is probably a database/performance thing as asking the server to look which posts are new for a given user has to be a decently intensive database call.

But that's just my guess.


aka Mtnwkr
I'm with Big E here, showing more than the last 50 would be nice for those of us that don't spend all day here. Maybe the last 100?

Chris Scoones

Staff member
It was set to display only / up to 50 of the latest. I've bumped that up to 100.

Can't go that crazy with the number of returns on searches, which "What's New" is doing. And I can't set it up for just that search, it's with all searches to reply upwards of 100 returns. Much more and it'll tax the server.

Hope doubling it up does it for you. Might go up another 50 if need be. let me know.


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