Munn Lake report

Went out to Munn Lake today. It took a little to find the right pattern and depth to fish but once I figured it out it was game on. Fishing a zebra midge at six feet was the trick. Brought five nice rainbows to hand and finally caught my first brown out of Munn Lake. I didn't see and topwater action either which is odd for Munn. Usually there are fish rising all the time and a size 20 Adams usually does the trick. Too windy for dry fly action today but all in all a great day at Munn.
I ran in to you when you were taking out and I was putting in.

Almost the exact same results for me, minus the brown. Caught 5 decent size rainbows on a beadhead red san juan worm fished 7 feet down. A little slow, windy, and cold, but not a bad way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

There was a group of 3 kids fishing from the boat launch when I got out there. Saw a bucket of worms and informed them of the regulations. When i was taking out there was another guy fishing with worms as well. At the next Olympia fly club meeting I"m going to see about getting a sign put right next to the boat launch with the regulations. I'm not sure any body walks over to the fence to read the special regulations sign that's there now.

I experienced the same thing a few weeks ago. I went to the state patrol just down the road and reported it. Good to meet you today and I look forward to some good river fishing

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