Pattern Slumpbusters

Big E

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I got in some nice Canadian pine squirrel half hides in some nice colors. Tied up some slumpbusters on #4 Allen hooks.

Haven't tied for a while and it was an enjoyable night watching football and tying.

#4 Allen 5263 or comparable, ie Daiichi 2220 or TMC 5263 (4X long, 1X strong)
Wire, Med
Diamond Flat Braid
Bead or cone head
Pine Squirrel strips

Rob Ast

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Great looking ties Erik. When you wrap the collar do you cut off the strip after tying in the tail/back and then re-attach and wrap, or do you just lash the front down and wrap while still attached (I could never get them to wrap smoothly if leaving attached)?


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Nice! I stock a few in 6's and even 8's. Pine squirrel strips rock. Looks like you got that rusty red color (top and bottom on the right side). . .my favorite. Crayfish orange is another good one.

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