Two blondes and a skinning knife

Ed Call

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Excellent. I most like the part about the dog and chickens.

Laughing my ass off right now because few will know what the hell I'm talking about, but those in the know...well, they know.
That spike looks so happy to be skinned by ...
That is quit a job you are undertaking.
If you have never done the brain tan thing before I would have started out on something a lot smaller than an elk, like maybe a cat or dog size, rabbit, coon, etc.
It looks like you have the right crew for the job.
"When the killing done, the work begins"


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Like a good hunting dog the wife will require a little patience and training:rofl:

6 years ago my wife was living in Manhattan and working as a fashioner designer. Now she is helping me butcher elk, deer and wing shooting and fly casting
Ribka this was the result of 'extensive' training...I mean begging! She'll walk with me under the following conditions:
- warmer than 65 degrees
- fairly open and no brush or trees to bust through (deathly afraid of spiders and webs)
- must stop at every fruit stand...yes 'every'!
- The return drive must have adequate time for shopping.

Rick Todd

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Andrew-great picture! Looks like she was borrowing your vest! (but then, they don't sell hunting vests at Nordies last time I looked.) My sweetheart is off today for 10 days in AZ with her sisters who each have a winter house down there, so you know I will be hunting and fishing next weekend! Rick

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