chico creek

So that's legal there mumbles? I did that at Minter a couple years ago but then they closed it for night fishing. Not a bad idea! Plus then no one can see my terrible casting! :rofl:
It's confusing there. I don't see any special rules for Chico in the regs, then you get there and there's the "no fishing above this point" sign. So is all Chico creeek closed to fishing? Not that I'd want to fish there, but it made me wonder if I was missing something in the regs.
I spoke with one of the land owners when I was out there. Apparently the land is private property and they choose to open it up to the public for fishing. The guy told me they put the sign up to keep people from harassing (not to mention snagging) fish while they are trying to get up the creek and spawn.

On another note, anyone had any luck out there? I've been out the last couple of days and the bite has been slow.