circle hooks for flies

seen an article in a grocery store about using circle hooks as fly hooks. but you have to let them run away with the fly and set the hook themselves. if you try to set the hook yourself you'll pull it out of there mouth. bait chuckin yeah circles hooks got a place but thin wire gammies will hook up everytime. Ben
Circle hooks are the best hooks for fishermen who use live bait. Maybe the fisheries department will make circle hooks the rule when using live bait to cut down on the mortality of fish that are released. Larry Dahlberg in an artical in Fly Fisherman May 2002 would like to see the fisheries departments every where make it mandatoy for bait fishemen to use circle hook when using live bait including worms to cut down on the mortality rate of released fish to have a possitive effect on fishing. He also states that for fly fishermen the use of circle hooks does not make diffrence since the flys do not often gut hook the fish. Good artical to read and something to think about if and when the issue of mandating circle hooks for use with live bait comes up in Washington.

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