30+ miles, 4 grouse, and a snowshoe...


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...sums up my first WA state deer hunting trip. Hunted opening weekend till Wednesday north and south of Loup Loup, covered an average of 6 miles a day, and saw only a handful of does. Had I not forgotten that I had a bear tag and brought my rifle along scouting Friday I possibly could have had a very nice rug! We saw an easy 300-400 pounder grazing on a knob 300 yards away. Oh well maybe it's good karma?

My luck we flushed more grouse in a 1/2 mile than we had seen in two days this past September! By Tuesday both my brother-in-law and I opted for our shotguns and brought a limit of grouse back to camp.

I bagged my first snowshoe, confirmed that 22's are more adequate for shooting rabbits than 308's! Before the shot I sort of had that idea it would be a little over kill and took a head shot...needless to say the slow-fire-roasted rabbit rubbed with olive oil and season salt was excellent that night. My new fav is "bunny backstrap!"

Lastly, my God are there a lot of deer hunters! Every niche off a logging road became a camp site, larger open spaces looked like RV sale lots! Never seen so much blaze orange in my life...
That explains why I saw no grouse. You got them all! I spent some time up around Loup Loup on my trip. I guess I should have spent a little more. Bunnie backstraps sound delicious.

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