Pattern Perch Pattern anyone have agood one?


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Perch Pattern anyone have a good one?

The last couple of times I have been fishing for sea runs I have seen lots of schools of small perch and no other bait fish around.
I have also seen large sea runs jumping and slashing through these schools of small perch.
I was thinking of tying a couple of perch looking flies.

Any one use these for sea runs or have a good pattern that looks like these small perch?

I remember as a kid catching large sea runs in Lake Washington and upon cleaning them ....yes we use to catch and eat them... they were full of small lake perch and crawdads.

I was thinking a perch pattern would also work well in the salt

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The material I use is called Diamond Dub which is supplied by Super Fly Inc. Down in the states I believe it is called Ice Dub. Colors I use are UV Polar, Yellow, and Olive Bronze and for the throat I use red rabbit. The eyes are glued on with goop.


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Here is a Crazy Charlies perch pattern that has worked well for me on a number of species.

Eyes - Gold bead chain eyes or small dazl eyes
Tail - gold krystal flash
Body - gold diamond braid or tinsel
Throat - small, short amount of red marabou, red chenille, poly yarn, or antron etc
Wing - dark olive marabou, craft hair or bucktail
Here in Southern California Surf, the Spring birthing of Surfperch is a time that one can most likely get Big Halibut, Leopard Sharks and even the rare shot at Calico bass from the Sand. it seems these bigger Predators Know the Dinner bell has been wrung and come in to feed on the Little perch Babies.
We often fish short all white Deceivers (sizes #1 ~#4) and these do work, but Me being me I cannot leave well enough alone.. so i revamped the ol' Deerhair Deceiver to better imitate the Baby Surfperch...

Simply tye the Deceiver up to the point you would spread the Bucktail around the hook to form the Collar. Stack and spin White Deer Belly Hair instead. you should be able to get a Collar and then enough space left to spin another bunch of Deer hair right at the hook Eye. Tye off the Thread and carefully trim a "Perch head" shape to the deerhair, then glue on Eyes. That's it and it does work nicely...

Thought the ones I fish are all white, You can certainly adjust the colors to better imitate the Perch Fry in your local Salt better...

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nice looking tie!
Thanks Kelvin, actually the Tail should be a little shorter to imitate the baby Perch more correctly . what is Great about the pattern is the Hollow deerhair floats the pattern. so on a integrated sinking line the line stays on the bottom, but the Deerhair Deceiver rides above the bottom, it dips on the strip, but bobs back up when You pause.. very effective indeedy...:cool:

I caught a sea-run once that choked up a small perch
i tied up a size 4 Skykomish Sunrise but used a black body instead of red
(black eztaz )
worked great where i fished on Hood Canal (sink and float line)
not sure if they took it for a perch
i just wanted the yellow cause the perch had a yellow tint
it also caught an 8 lb blackmouth one sunny day close to shore

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