Estimate for this Steelie??


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First you wrote 34-36"; then you write 35-36". This already has the makings of a fish story as the fish grows larger each day. The guys' at the shop guess is also just that, a guess. If you get a replica made, you have to decide on a length and girth. What are you going to guess for those? I can only tell you what the range of weights of fish are for given lengths because there is lots of data for that. Not much data for guesses, so you're on your own there. Or you can take the uninformed guesses of posters in this thread who have even less information to go on than you do. At least you saw and handled the fish and have a photo of it. Just remember the help you're getting here is worth what you paid for it.

Sg, pardon my typo..., should be 34-36 and not 35-36. it was a rough measurement taken from my rod. as for the estimate, or guess,
thats why i was asking, as I havent landed a steelie of this size before, and im sure there are some of you on here that have.

as far as the "fish story" getting larger, i think the photo does a pretty good job speaking for itself.
It would have been a hell of lot bigger if you would have lost it.
34, 35 or 36", whatever. Nice, fat fish. I've been fishing steel since the late '60's and never got one that big; well, maybe a winter fish on gear came close and some silvers, too. My buddy caught his 1st on the East Fork Lewis in '60's; 21 lbs scaled. Ruined him.
Well done, sir.

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