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We were supposed to swap my Amundson 1134 for his TFO 6wt Ticr-x and the hardy uniqua.

We aren't talking a high dollar deal here, which is another reason that I have been lax with the timing.


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Be interesting to find out what's wrong. Heard he's a standup guy. Will say this, when my Dad was passing, and then I had to figure out his finances and estate, I let everything else go the wayside. Pissed some guys off, but family was first. I did make good on all my transactions. But it just isn't a coma that'll stop someone, if you're close family member is in need, sometimes you have zero time, and don't even think about anything but them. I was focused on my Dad 24/7 for that last week and had no time for anything but getting his finances and stuff in order after his passing.


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I bought a rod from him and made a face to face transaction. He seemed to be a nice guy and if he does have some family issues I know it can be hard to deal with. But on another note if you you contacted him through all means usually people do check e-mail, voice mail or texting. Hope it works out and you hear something.


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I don't know Nick's situation but I agree with Jerry; sometimes life blind-sides you and things that would otherwise be important get put on the back burner. A couple of years ago, my sister, who no one knew was sick, not even her, was given a week to live. In the weeks that followed, nothing but my family mattered - not my job, bills, anything, not even fishing. I hope all is well with Nick...
Hey Buddy, I hate to do this but we see you posting a few times a week on your facebook and checking in here. Man up and take care of your business! Jon has been patient enough!
I agree that something could be happening, but a simple look at his facebook wall, and it seems he is living life as usual. making random posts, about the weather, his cold, work.

I just don't buy that he is too busy. The last contact I had from him was early october, and he gave me a similar situation that WadeCalvin posted about last year, almost EXACTLY the same actually. He said he was away from home with a family emergency, and he would contact me when he got back. His facebook post from that day was him fishing with his son.

I first thought something was wrong because the postoffice was holding the package I sent, and it wasn't being picked up. He said he was away and that he would get it when he got home. He also said he would look into what he had sent, saying he received a return to sender or something. the next week, he picked up his package. The only reason I know that is because the tracking number said "successfully delivered". I sent his rod out the day after we began talks. that was september 16. In between september 16 and no I have probably sent him 10-15 pm's and he responded to 2.

In fact, the more I think about it, the shadier it gets.

buyer beware guys.

Nick just posted about being hungry and eating a cat... doesn't seem like life is upside down. I've gone through some serious loss, and I know how easy it is to shut down, but I dont think you post about being hungry on facebook, if something major has happend. I have been ripped off. It is very evident that I am being dodged. 0 attempt to contact me, or rectify anything. I think I have given plenty of time, plenty of patience, plenty of benefit of the doubt. now i'm calling BS.

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