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David Willey
It's a shitty deal, but this is between Jon and Nick. He's the only judge and jury in this. Unless he's burned you, please leave it to them. Now if you want to hit him up with a message and ask politely what's up (like I did, so I know how to proceed here), then fine. Shit happens, but unless it's your shit he's messing with, leave it be.
I think your right.It is between them.I will watch from the sideline and hope it works out.
Thanks for the link Hunt-man.

Quick update, Nick is still no-where to be found, and I have sent him another message on facebook, stating that if he did not respond to me, I would be contacting his local PD. Maybe they will do something, maybe not. I have all my transcripts from our pming back and fourth, as well as my postal tracking number.

If I do not get a response, I will be posting on flybc as well as speypages to watch out for this guy. I can put up with a lot of BS, but I cant stand cheats, liars and thieves. They are vile.

You can also report him to the postal service. I did this on a guy that ripped me off one time and the postal service engaged since anytime you rip someone off and use the US postal service, the feds can get involved. Although I lost money, the guy I reported was eventually prosecuted (it was worth the time to see him get cooked).

I think you can file your report online.
ahh... just noticed you're in Canada. Okay, makes even more sense (a long distance rip off... he doesn't have to worry about you showing up at his door packing heat).


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To say that Jon has been patient is an understatement. The fact that he made a post to inquire if anybody can help him get in touch with Nick is reasonable. Now it is up to Nick to come through, I hope both parties can come to a mutual agreement.

I have had the pleasure of both buying and selling on this board without any problems. What makes this an atttractive sight to me for buying and selling gear is business is conducted on the honor system with peope who share the same passion. Accurate discription of goods, great communication between parties, fast payment and shipping with out any problems all make for an enjoyable experiance.

I hate to see this kind of shit happen on our board.
It is a long distance rip off. But as a matter of principle I wouldn't be against a 5 hour drive to ask him in person about this. I am by no means threatening or implying violence. I am still trying to be friendly about this. At this point, I would be happy with just having my rod returned. I would still accept his portion of the deal. I just want this done. He has a 9 year old son, I think this is a pretty crappy thing to teach your kids.


He has made contact with me. Things may work out after all. I will be sure to post if it works out, thanks for all the support guys.

As do I. Like I said earlier, Shit happens all the time in life. If that is/was the case, I completely understand. I have no hard feelings or ill will. I just want to get this done.

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