a lonely whidbey pond

Got a chance to spend 3 hours on this pond. 11:30 to 2:30 today. The sun was out, the eagles were flying and the fish were in a playful mood; that was for the first 2 hours. The 3rd hour was sunny and cold with no playful fish. (I did see a very nice looking fish caught by fly fisherman in a pram during that last hour)
The fish were bright and aggressive and eating a range of trolled flies. All of the fish I brought to hand were in the 13 - 16 range except the first,it went 18. It was a great day.
ps. took my u-boat out (easier to put up last minute) and not my pontoon. Note to self, dress much warmer in the u-boat as so much more is in the water.

Jeff Studebaker

Kayak Fly Angler
Almost went down to Whidbey, but stopped at a pond I Passed along the way. Got 7 nice bows to the boat. Lost 2. Tried a few different presentations but they only wanted a Doc Sprately, just hanging there at about 10 feet. Tried various twitches and strips, but every take came while I was letting it sit (and was just about to take a nap).

Every hook set was in the roof of the mouth, so I imagine they were just moseying up and inhaling it.