Hey all. First post.


Thought I would introduce myself. Just moved to WA from Chicago, though I lived in Eugene for 10 years before that. I fish a ton, but find myself more and more drawn to bird hunting as of late. I am just starting to learn the lay of the land here in Washington, and have enjoyed reading everyone's posts.

Just spent 10 days in Montana on a Whitetail/upland combo. Managed to scratch down a fair number of sharpies and a half dozen assorted puddlers whilst I was there. Stopped by Freezeout on my way home. Pretty amazing to sit and watch the sheer numbers of swans/geese/ducks pile into that thing after shooting light.

I hunt over a little golden named Digs, who definitely puts up more birds than I shoot! Looking forward to reading more from you all, and perhaps bumping into some of you out there.


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Welcome Moonshine, that is one handsome golden right there! If you run into a little sawed off black meth lab in the field, wander over and say hi.
I hear that. Chicago is a great place, but I am happy to be out. Driving 5 hours each way to the Driftless, or 7 up to Minnesota got old real quick. I do miss running the dog on the lakefront though. We pretty much had those beaches to ourselves 9 months a year.

Welcome Moonshine...moved out here from Chicago 12 years ago...aint never going back! :clown:

Jim Ficklin

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Welcome! I have NO clue as to where Wallinford is, but I'll assume you see your fair-share of rain. Being a displaced Montanan, I'm immediately attentive to "Howdy!" I'm on the East side & as previously-stated, that is a fine-looking GR. I was in Chi-town once; that was enough. You have made a judicious move . . . enjoy WA State.

Ed Call

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Moonshine, welcome. Beautiful dog. Hope you like the forum that Chris has built and the beauties of western washington. Hope you'll be around a campfire with a mason jar full of the 'shine and that you'll pass it around while a bunch of fly fishermen share their fabricated or inflated tales!
Thanks for the warm welcome all!

On a side note, anybody have a recommendation for a good vet in Seattle? Looking for someone who understands the needs of hunting dogs. Had a few bad experiences with non-hunting vets in the past.



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Welcome and good first post.
I developed a passion for upland in Central Illinois, Logan County.
Saw more birds there in one place than the whole rest of my life.
I live in E King Co...have a good little yellow lab pup that knows what birds smell like.

Rick Todd

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I hunt pheasant every year around that Freezout Lake area (Fairfield and Choteau). Two years ago, Freezout was indeed frozen at the opening of pheasant season around October 8th! Nice country over there!
welcome, And you have come to the right place if you are a duck hunter and have a boat because its pretty damn good hunting out here.
if you ever need duck to know any spots for ducks i would be glade to help :thumb:

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