Horgard Bamboo Rod

There's a Horgard bamboo fly rod for sale in the classifieds - http://www.washingtonflyfishing.com/board/showthread.php?83638-8-6wt-Bamboo-Rod .

I've always found Horgard's personal story fascinating and inspiring. He designed much of his rod making equipment on sheets of toilet paper while imprisoned by the Nazi's during WWII. I also think his taper designs for atlantic salmon, sea trout, and other scandinavian fishing can be applied to the Pacific NW. The spey rod I use is based on the Horgard HC 12' taper, with added dimension in the tip to accommodate modern lines.

For those interested, Wolfram Schott wrote a nice article on the history of Mr. Horgard and his rods.
http://www.realsreels.com/rods/Asbjørn Hørgård.pdf


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