Vancouver Island Sept 2011


My Kind Of Wave
I've been meaning to put a report up ages ago, Oh well, better late than never.
This trip was meant to be a San Juan Island trip (It's actually why I joined this forum in the 1st place) for my wife's bday. With VI being so close though, why blow a golden opportunity to sneak a peek at the Tofino-Ucluelet area. We rented a cabin just outside Ucluelet for 5 nites . The plan was to fly fish the 1st day with Jay Mohl at Clayquot Ventures, and then a "meat" fishing trip the last day with Paul at Castaway Charters in Barkley sound. I figured to bring a cooler full of salmon and halibut, back to the SJI's, where we would meetup with 2 other couples for the bday part of the trip.
It turned out to be a beautiful day at Clayoquot Sound as I kept thinking that my wife should have joined me on this gorgeous wildlife and scenery tour. Sometimes people would just rather stay in a warm bed, than get up at o-dark thirty. 1st coho hooked and lost after about an hour and a half of searching likely spots. "Ay man, you know dat only 25-30% of the fish hooked, are landed! These are barbless hooks, so you gotta keep the pressure on" Ok, so he's trying to make me feel better after farming the 1st opportunity. Happily, I can say the next 6 hooked fish were landed. We kept 4 wild fish. 2 for him, and 2 for me. All the rest caught that day, were released back to the sea. What an amazingly sweet place to fish.
Later that afternoon, and the following 2 days, were spent hiking and exploring all the wild beaches and shoreline of the Pacific Rim NP. I can imagine this place when it's busy. Fortunately mid September, things really start to slow down. The coastline between Tofino and Ucluelet is simply awesome. I could definitely spend some time around here in the fall. Especially with the steelhead potential, which I didn't even give a glance to. (Wife's trip) "You managed to get in a couple of days fishing." Me "I'm not complaining!"
"All right! Last day. Let's fill up a cooler for the SJI's." I'm lit up for a big day with my wife, fishing the Pacific, outside Barkley Sound and the Broken Islands. The first words out of Paul's mouth, before I even get on the boat are not encouraging. "We had an earthquake offshore of Nootka Sound a few days ago. We haven't hooked a salmon in days!" Hmmm, please tell me this isn't going to be a long boat ride. Oh yeah they (Canadian Fisheries) had closed all angling and harvesting of halibut to recreational anglers starting Sept.
Well.... the morning, at least the first part, was pretty much a boat ride. But..... a boat ride off a one of the most scenic coastlines in all the NW. We shot the shit, and dragged lures along this BC stretch on a perfect sunny day, with mountains as a backdrop. ShWEET! Fish on! I pull up a small king. Action! We bring in a nice Coho and now we're honed in. Paul down rigs my fly rod and we proceed to hook up 2 more nice coho. A few more small kings and all is not lost. Not a cooler full of fish, but plenty to feed the 6 of us at the SJI house. Fresh silvers from the ocean are just a wee bit tastier than the ones at the market.
This was a good start to the trip. VI is definitely on my return list.
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