CND Salmo Salar Specialist Spey Rod

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For sale is a lightly used CND Salar in good used condition for $350. This rod has been fished maybe 10 days. See attached photos. Thanks for looking
Brandon, found this review over on speypages.
"Salmo Salar Specialist Spey 15ft 6in 9/10/11: designed specifically for the salmon rivers of the United Kingdom, the Salmo Salar is comfortable with floating or sinking lines, a powerful yet forgiving and surprisingly light spey (a noted Washington State steelheader was overheard saying "this feels like a 14 foot rod!"). Though originally designed as a salmon rod the Salmo Salar Specialist is equally at home on steelhead water (tested autumn 2002 on the River Tweed in Scotland and spring 2003 on the Skykomish, Skagit and Sauk rivers in Washington State). The Triangle Taper Spey 10 weight, GrandSpey 8/9, MidSpey 9/10, Carron Jetstream 10/11, Airflo Traditional 9/10 or 10/11 and Airflo Delta Long 9/10 or 10/11 are all great matches for this rod."
This it?
That's the one. And although comparing it to 14 footers is too generous, it's surprisingly managable for a rod made for fat lines and north of fifteen feet.
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