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I just recently discovered the joy of good whiskey. So far I've enjoyed some Bushmills, but I'm looking for other opinions on what's good for the winter chill that ails us. The stuff you can drink neat or iced, none of that mixin stuff ;)
Gentlemen Jack. It's made my Jack Daniels I think it's their mid-range between Jack Daniels and Single Barrel. My favorite sippin' whiskey.

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Balvenie Double Wood (12 year old) for a super smooth, easy to drink single malt Scotch or Bowmore (12 or 15 year old) for an Islay-style single malt Scotch. Bushmills goes well with Coke, as does Jack Daniels. (Just kidding . . .)


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bushmills is really good, i get a bottle of that every St. patties day. other that that theres some higher end crown royals around 50-70 bucks that are pretty good, i think crown reserve was the last one i bought. makers mark has a makers 46 now thats really good though ive just tried it no idea on cost, was divine.
Crown Royal BLACK. Kind of a deep, smoky taste. It is excellent.

I noticed that Pendleton just released a new one, called 1910, it is 100% Rye. Have not tried it yet.
Too many good ones to list, but you should definitely avoid whiskey made in Tennessee and Canada, and never ever drink Chivas. Stick to Kentucky ,Ireland, and Scotland (no blends) and you'll be fine. Caol Ila for for fly tying and reading and Wild Turkey for chopping wood and shoveling snow in the morning. Sourmash is for pussies.
Not a whiskey per se, but good sippin'.........Lagavulin 16yr Single Malt.
Rich on the palate with hints of sherry; finish is long and smooth.
Pairs best with strong flavors and that's the truth, pfttttttt.

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I've been Jack man for a long time. Used to drink W.Turkey with my brother. A few years ago when I was in a more flush situation and could afford it, I bought maybe a dozen bottles (in succession) of fine single Malt. I enjoyed that tour but learned a couple things. One, for me at least, there is no such thing as "sipping" whiskey. Two, I like Jack as well at a fraction of the cost. Just a cheap date I guess. Three (and a relatively new mantra borrowed from R.E.Lee), "I like whiskey. I always have. Which is why I never touch the stuff." :beathead:(We'll see if that lasts.)
makers mark has a makers 46 now thats really good though ive just tried it no idea on cost, was divine.
My fav. About half again the cost of regular makers.

Had lunch at rogue brewery and watched their dead guy whikky flying off the shelf. Made me want to try some. Next time....

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