Pattern Early September Dry flies

Kill'in time, tying some flies,
Feel free to post some of you favorite spring creek order specials. yayaya they are not perfect
While we are on the subject of dry flies. what do you do with your left over saddle feathers that are to big to use?
I usualy find my self tying some crazy fly that i never end up fighing with.

Zen -

I have a couple patterns that use oversize hackle feathers.

Mikulak Sedge. This is a lake fly to imitate traveling sedges. I tie 'em big. I use an oversize hackle on the front of the fly and trim it off top and bottom to leave long feather barbs sticking out each side that look like legs as it is stripped across the surface of the water.

October caddis. My favorite October caddis pattern has a burnt orange body with a trimmed rooster hackle palmered over the body. This is done by taking an oversized hackle and grooming back the barbs so that they stick out at right angles, then trim them with a pair of scissors at whatever length I want. It achieves a bristly, segmented, body, and uses up some oversized hackle feathers.

Of course, I still have way more over-sized hackles on my necks than I'll ever use.