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There is nothing new about using lighter or heavier lines than what is stated for the rod being used.
My only contention is Mark is saying that a light line is less work than a heavier line but does not explain it other than that is what he `feels`
The rod is a spring and lever the deeper you can bend it the more the rod does the work for you, the less you bend it the more force you have to exert.
The videos are great, nothing to take away from Mark, but his technique is the cause of more exertion in the one with the longer line this is his own admission of needing to work on his long belly technique.
As I stated the feel he is getting from the lighter line is due to the line being tip cast, something that compliments his casting and the particular rod he is using.
Mechanics, priciples and theory aside, if it feels easier it's easier.

It's like, do I use one pulley or three pullies to lift a 300# weight? They'll all get the weight off the floor with the right amount of strenght...the single pulley using 3X more strenght and less motion, the other using less strengh but 3X the the end the energy expended is about the same but the percieved effort may depend on the puller.

IN conclusion "It may feel easier" but it will never perform to the rods potential....but if 3/4 potential/distance is all you need to catch fish, I'd say the most effiecient cast is the one you use. (The casters at SPEY O RAMA, no matter how effiecent or far they cast, they always get skunked!)


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I went from a long stroke on full flexing (SOFT) rods to prefering to cast more off the tip. Moving to rods that favored this style while going to longer and longer lines. More for the loop shape I wanted combined with what I thought was efficient. Somewhere in that transition I lost a lot of maximum distance. My stroke became overly compact where a very narrow grain range worked right. And the rest didn't. Too much work. All of this worked just fine until one day you get tired of what you are doing.

Being able to lengthen your stroke is the Key to what Bruce is saying. Seeing first hand how he pointed out one super simple flaw in my stroke...being versatile is more important IMO than forcing yourself into corners because something doesn't 'feel right'. Learn to make it right. Hell I even started learning to stop being so picky about loop shape and look at the total package of turnover/line speed and did the cast go where I needed it. I am not a comp guy. Never will be. But what these guys are doing translates into EVERYTHING with our casting to catch that darn fish. Reguardless how many casts come up empty at SOR.

I also found that by lengthening my casting stroke, what I once thought was more work ended up being less overall work. With 20% more distance when pushing it to max. The average fishing distance became even more of a chip shot. Not surprising that my rod action tastes rapidly changed with this 'improvement'. Where a wider range of rods once again became enjoyable. Plus being able to extract more from them.


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Mark, believe me Steve not a top hand dominate caster! You need too watch the video closer. Most of the best casters rely on the bottom hand, no news there.


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No Steve does not cast the same as Andrew just as you do not cast the same as me. You were the one that stated the truth that we are all built different etc. Andrew uses a `block` on the top hand on the forward cast and Steve follows thru with the top but they both commence the cast with the bottom hand.
I have seen both cast in person and can tell you that Steve`s cast is quite decieving, like I said look closer.


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Mark I was there when Steve came up with the wild turkey cast, lol.
does each individual video that you see mean that you know everything about each casters style?
The fact remains that having seen in person that both casters start the cast with the bottom hand thus bending the lever as deeply as possible, says to me that they are both very efficient casters.


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Mark, I never stated that either was a underhand caster, I simply said that they both initiate the forward cast with the bottom hand.
I would not get caught up in `styles` so much, as good casting principles apply to all styles that work well, ie a good cast is a good cast. It does not matter if you are casting a 20ft line or a 100ft line in order to do so well the best possible casting priciples are needed.

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