SALON - what it is and how it works

sa·lon  [suh-lon; Fr. sa-lawn]
noun, plural -lons  [-lonz; Fr. -lawn]
A periodic gathering of persons noted in literature, philosophy, the fine arts, or similar areas, held at one person's home.

This will be a virtual fly tying Salon, where we'll display and discuss fly patterns submitted based on a monthly theme.

Here's how it works:

1) Adjudicator chooses a theme and sets up a message thread with the convention SALON - (Month) - (Theme)

2) Tiers design/choose a pattern based on the theme. It can be something already tied or completely new but it needs to be linked to the theme in some fashion. If you don't know how to do this, ask and someone will help.

3) Tiers should post a photo of the fly to their WFF photo gallery. The 'linked thumbnail' should then be included in a response to the monthly thread created by the Adjudicator in #1 above.

4) At a minimum, tiers should include a sentence or two about how the fly fits the theme and a materials list. Most people would also appreciate a summary of the tying steps although that's not required. Steve Rohrbach has a really nice template for a full set of tying instructions if someone want to go whole 'hawg.

4) At the deadline, the Adjudicator chooses the one that he/she thinks best fits the theme, is most interesting or is just plain their favorite. The method of choice is completely up to the Adjudicator just as the interpretation of the them is completely up to the tier. The Adjudicator should choose and announce the winner as soon as possible after the last day of the month to give the winner time to choose a new theme.

5) The winner becomes the next Adjudicator, chooses theme, sets up the next month's message and so on until we get tired of doing it... The winning Adjudicator needs to get this done within a week of being chosen to give the tiers as much time as possible before the end of the month. If the winner doesn't have time to be the next Adjudicator, they can nominate a replacement.

My intention in starting this was not to create a contest for the best tied or coolest fly. Rather, as a framework to encourage some creativity and sharing of ideas. It's also a good way to spend the winter when the rivers are running mud but easier and less committing than a full blown fly swap.

Example of a typical Salon post in the response below.

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