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Creating memories one cast at a time
I spent three days on the Yak last week (wed thru fri) finishing up testing a really sweet Spey rod and line combo for tossing streamers, weighted buggers and soft hackles on the Yakima. Here are the specs:

Bob Meiser Custom 11' 4" 5/6 4pc
Hardy Mach 1 8/9 (~340 grain) short head.

River Run Angler in Carnation (a board sponsor) can get you set up with all this, or better yet, go to one of their Saturday Spey Claves.

This is such a sweet combination for throwing tips and weighted flies. A very smooth progressive but with some 'punch' in reserve. I could cast and swing flies all day long without much tiring. And it is a true 5/6 rod. 12" trout give this rod real workout and you don't feel like you are over-powering them like with some other 'trout speys'.

OK, enough for the commercial (BTW, I'm not affiliated with any of these outfits), I just love the rod.

Now for the report.

Wednesday (4/7) was the toughest fish day. Hurricane force winds all day made casting very difficult. I couldn't hear myself think. Water levels were high, but visibility wasn't too bad. Waded. Was able to land a couple on soft hackles. Missed several.

Thursday. Winds came down to moderate 10-20mph but water rose with the heat, clouded to about 1 ft vis. This put the water level near Summer levels, which would be OK, but the fish need to have some stability at this level. Floated from Big Horn to Flats. Fishing was slow. Other boats reported similar difficulty.

Friday. Nice day, Low winds, water started to clear a bit, but still not a clear as Wednesday. Fish appeared to be much more accommodating to streamers and soft hackles. Some boats coming by were having a lot of success with March Browns.

Here's one snapshot I rushed but has the rod and a nice bow.

Wind, Wind Wind. That was the most frustrating part of the trip.


Old Man

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I know what you mean about the rod. I was going to try and talk him out of one of his newer sticks but he wouldn't budge. I won't reveal the rods as he doesn't want me to blab about them quite yet. But they are sweet 5/6 weights. Probably just right for float tubbing.


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