Bikini baristas spotted at Dry Falls...

Old Man

Just an Old Man
How in the heck could anybody miss not seeing me. When I was talking to your partner out on the lake you looked right at me. And I don't think that I'm invisible(just a tad to big for that). And at the go around I was the one eating all your pork. And no,sleeping with Roper is not my bag.

But like I said it was fun but just a bit too far for me to come. But like SAK said a river fling would be just the ticket and I would be all up for that. Just as long as the drive there isn't over 250 miles from my home.

The fishing was slow but most caught some fish. The only one who did not that I know of was Jim, but he needs to have more time with the line in the water to catch anything. Every time I saw him, his boat was on the bank tying on flies or he was in camp. I never saw him get his fly wet.
Jim you have to get the fly wet to catch fish.

The company was good, the beer was cold and the sun out all weekend without being to hot. What more can you ask for.
For those who did not show up you missed a good time.
Had a lot of fun talking to the people who did show up and got a couple new tying tips. Forgot to get back to Oldman Jim to have him show me how to do weave flies maybe some other time. I was to busy fishing.
Fishing for me was slow with only one fish to hand fishing in the daylight with over 10 hours Saturday and about 2 hours on Friday, on the water. The after dark fishing made the trip all worth while with 4 to hand and many more lost. The only trouble was coming in after dark and my flashlight was not working well. Its a good thing the square lines of the outhouse show up so well at night there, otherwise the launch would have been hard to find in the dark.
For those who have never made one of these group outings they are alot of fun. While I would not want to fish with such large groups all the time, once in awhile they are alot of fun. Beside its not much diffrent then fishing with the crowds at many other lakes, but in this case you know many of them out there alittle.
I can not wait to see some photos from the trip when you guys and gals that went post them. Seems like I do not take many photos now days when fishing. To busy fishing I guess.
Look forward to more such trips down the road.
Now I need to get back to sleep. Did I say sleep I mean work. Funny how I mix those to up all the time.
Hey Brian good to meet you as well!!! They taco'd your rod pretty good..Drop a line when your down with the fish sickness and I'll head with ya.:thumb
Roper you are correct I should of clearly stated that to begin with but than again how do we really know for sure }(!!!
The pleasure was all mine meeting you and fishing with you.......shooting the [email protected]#$%^ and talking about your property.
<How in the heck could anybody miss not seeing me. When I <was talking to your partner out on the lake you looked <right at me. And I don't think that I'm invisible(just a <tad to big for that). And at the go around I was the one <eating all your pork

Oh, I saw you in camp allright Jim.:+ I just missed ya on the water. You were hard to miss at the camp,burning up all those chairs and stuff

good times,

Old Man

Just an Old Man
My flies were wet.But my dries kept sinking and my wets were floating. I even put on a humpy and it still sank. And for tying on flies,Have you ever seen me up close trying to tie on a fly. My hands shake so bad that I have to put them in my lap to keep them still and then I use the smallest flies and can't get the leader thru the eye with all that shaking going on. If it wasn't so funny I'd be crying about it. That's what takes me so long to get a fly on my line. But I don't quit. I keep at it until I get it on and some times it takes a while..



Stephen Mull
I had a great time. It was Marc and I's first trip with the group. Good introduction. A funny ass group of people. A little bummed I dumped my ass in the back of the car so early. A little bit of Bart's Jim Beam and what I think was Bhudda's stuff put me under pretty good.

Much thanks to Tight Line for the ride up to the lake for night fishing. Good guy, second only to Roper who didn't beat me over the head with his rod tube after I delivered only 75% back to him. I deserved a lickin'

Like jabseattle, Marc and I should be more ready to talk shit with the rest on the next trip.
As with Mulligan, I had a great time with all you characters. Very welcoming group. It was my first time at Dry Falls since my uncle first took me flyfishing there in a canoe when i was 12 so it was nice to see it again. Looking forward to the next outting. If any of you guys are looking for a fishing partner on the Yak anytime I go to school at CWU so let me know. Like Mulligan said, I'm sure we'll be more apt to BSing next time around.


Stephen Mull
Oh shit!! No, I kid. I think I paid $7 for that pump. If I get it back I get it back. But, I'm not gonna lose sleep over it. Call it payment for the ride to the lake :beer2
Well,.... the weather was great........., fishin sucked! caught 1 fish all weekend, but didnt put alot of time in either, still had a great time. new faces- Ron,Mulligan, Marc, Jarrod, Beth, and i think Scott or Ken?, some others im sure:dunno dont remember. ROPER_I HAVE YOUR FINS! Jessica thanks you alot for them, and everyones company including Jim! ya ol'bastardo:p :+ :p . anyone up for hitting deep lake when it opens? Brian? atleast we dont have to walk in,:smokin . peez and rice bhudda
hahaha yeah nice title... stop telling everyone my million dollar idea!

Dry falls was worth the haul over, always nice to see the old familiar faces as well as meeting some new ones.

My legs are still sore from this trip, kicking around that lake from dawn till dark a couple days in a row, as well as taking an excursion out into the desert with sparse and alpinetrout on sunday which included a desert hike, 20 year old ladders down cliffs, and hauling back water soaked waders, good times for sure.

Some of the cooler things...

- Watching Jabs dial in that lake and make it his bitch.
- Laughing at the guy with the drag set to 0
- Listening to some of sparses stories
- Watching the irishman and jim dissing on each other.
- Catching a brown as big as my arm
- Fishing with roper
- Seeing brians injured baitfish retrieve
- Handline'n a tiger trout

Fun stuff as usual... can't wait till the highland fling. Where the lakes don't close at ten, and there aren't 80 people on the lakes at one time.
Hell yeah, I'm down for another run up that way. I'd like to trek back to some o' those lakes in the area in the vicinity that I see on my topo map too....


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