We'll see how steel works soon...


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Islander and I are heading to the Skagit Valley next Sunday in search of greenheads. Very little free time to load up any Nice Shot in 12 gauge so I bought a box of 2 3/4 Winchester #3's today. Damn those things are fast (1550 fps). I'll be taking my BPS so steel shot should be fine. I considered picking up some Hevi-Shot until I saw the price for 10 shells, jeez!

If I'm smart I'll pattern the Winchesters and see what choke would be best. If not I may be changing chokes in the blind...:hmmm:

Anyone else have any experience with these shells?


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IF they are the Xpert HI-Velocity, try starting with a IC if you are using factory chokes, the Paternmaster waterfowl choke is my favorite for all around. I have noticed that the Modified factory choke in my two Benelli's seemed to be too tight and the steel shot sprayed or even had holes in the pattern, that took a couple days of shooting holes in the air. I have settled on 3in 3's for duck with the IC in my Super Vinci w/28in barrel.

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If you're hunting over dekes, I'd start with IC at the minimum. If ducks are coming in good, I switch to the Skeet choke. Remember not to over-lead & have fun!


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Just let me know where, when, and time and I'll bring some heavy steel for all! :clown:

Seriously I will...:thumb:

I think starting at IC is a good choice (I'd bring the wrench and M along)...I swapped out my modified for IC for early season, but put it back in for late when the birds were flaring at 30+ yards and leery of the 'floating plastic friends.'
Glad you posted this up Rick and thanks for the info guys. I have been wondering what chokes to use also. I do have some Winchester Xpert steel but in size 6. I'm thinking these will be to light for ducks, but don't have any experience with the steel shot. Have a box (small box of ten, but big bucks) of Hevi-shot from a pheasant hunter friend but they are 6's also. Are those still to small as well? Think I need to head to the store.


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IMHO #1 are great in steel especially if you are in an area that you will see geese. Back in the day in Michigan we'd have either #1 or BB when duck and goose seasons crossed.


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Well I did a very informal patterning today with the Winchester steel shells and my BPS. I went to the range this morning and popped a round at 75 feet with very good results. With a modified choke my pattern had good concentration of shot for birds coming down to dekes. Pattern was well centered at point of aim also. No need to adjust anything in my old shooting habits...good thing. :clown:

We'll see how it does on birds soon...:thumb:
I ran over to the range after lunch today and tried out a few rounds in preparation for Sunday. The Federal Waterfowl Steel #3's patterned real nice out of my Super Nova but was shooting high. I will definitely need to float the ducks on top of the bead. The Fiocchi Tundra #3's hit dead on but the pattern wasn't as nice as the steel having a few small open areas. It would still drop a duck no problem, just there was a difference. The Remington Hevi-Shot did the best with center hit and nice even pattern. The only problem being it's #6 shot and might not be as effective. I think it will depend on how well the ducks are decoying as to which I end up using. Should be a blast no matter what. :thumb: