Sage 576


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Any info on the value of a Sage GFL 576 7'6" 2 1/2 oz #5 Line 2 pc rod? Appears to be new, never used and in the original sleeve and tube.
Thought about keeping it but I have a XP 590-4 9' 3 1/2 oz 4pc that has served me well in the past so I may sell this one.
I just cant find any info on a 576.

David Loy

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I've been hoping someone else would respond so I wouldn't be the first to show or prove ignorance.
I'm not familiar with the 576 but have a GFL 589 3 piece, my first fly rod bought around 1987 I think, or 1985. I fished the piss out of this rod and it was good to me. Subsequent rods had labels like GFL RPL or GFL LL (maybe others)and were a later generation and modulus graphite. The GFL alone was pretty early in Sage's lineup and IMO not their best. It's a decent casting rod but when I compare it to more current rods I've noticed it isn't as accurate, like it doesn't track as well. Just my experience or imagination. Can't offer a value but you might watch Ebay occasionally. My guess would be $80 to $100 but purely a guess.
FYI - your XP 590 is (or was for a long time at least) a cult icon over on SexyLoops.


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Would like to claim to be an expert myself but just a novice with an appreciation for nice things. Came across the GFL recently and wanted to keep the better of the two. Used to be semi retired and kept the XP in the truck with me. If I saw water that I could reach, well I just might kill 15 or 20 minutes getting back in touch with the good side of life. Looking forward to that again soon. Think I will keep the XP and pass on the GFL.
Many thanks for the input...