Flip HD Video Download Question?


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I won a Flip HD video camera last year. Fun camera and the size is great for fishing.
It comes with Flipshare software that downloads the first time you connect to your pc. It worked fine, but now I can't get the videos to download. I have downloaded the latest version of FlipShare but still no success.
Does anyone know of a way to download the videos while bypassing the FlipShare software.
I'm not very compuer savvy so any help would be appreciated. I'm running Windows XP.


Evan Burck

Fudge Dragon
my flip just hooks straight in to the USB on my computer. I go in to "my computer" and just go straight in to the Flip memory to grab my videos. Way easier than using any software to do it for me.


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It should look like a USB drive under my computer. You can grab the videos from the storage sub directory in the device.

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