Fiocchi Tundra, not a truck, shotshells


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I was at the Sports Warehouse in Burlington this morning and found some Fiocchi Tundra non-tox on the shelf. I have their 00 buck in reduced recoil for "inside" situations and it's good ammo.

I found very little chat online about the stuff but the promotional data seems to indicate a good load with shot that is denser than steel and lead and easy on barrels.

$22.00 for 10 rounds is a bit steep, but if it patterns well and is lethal, I'll just have to take better shots...:clown:

Any one else here tried any of this stuff...?


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I got into skeet and trap again a few years ago and shot some it left a lot of powder residue and even unburnt looking powder all over my gun. I tried there duck load and the same happened but that was I think 6 years ago it may be better now.


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Fiocchi Golden Pheasant should be named Dead Pheasant, at least in my 20ga.
3 inch 1 1/4oz are priced better than the competition too.


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They are a little dirtier than some other brands, and once in a while their hulls will expand and fill the chamber of my double gun and get stuck so bad that the extractors can't pull the shell out of there, but all in all I like them. Especially like their 1 9/16 oz. 3 1/2" BB for geese.