What to do with my T-14

I purchased 30' of T-14. I already cut a 10' section. trying to figure out the best use of the other 20'. I was thinking 12' and 8'. Or would 2' increments not be enough to really make that much a difference?


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i use a 15' chunk a lot of the time. sucks, cause your probably never going to use a 5' but thats what I'd do.


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Agreed, 8' and 12'. T-14 is 14gr per foot, so going from a 10' tip @140gr to a 12' tip @168gr is a big enough difference.


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You should make your tips all the same length and the same grain weight. Use differring weights of level line to create tips with shorter or longer lengths of t-14.


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now that is some funny shit. Myself, I'd have tried to be witty and said, "cut a 13' er and throw the rest away" but both responses make good sense.


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Nail knot 2ft of 30-lb then 5-6ft 20lb maxima onto the end of the 5ft T14. Add tipped of your choice and use as mini sinktip for jigging flies for coho next year.
Seems like going with my 8'/10'/12' idea is going to be what I'm after. I've always been using tips that come with various heads and a few others I had made at local shops. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't going to end up with some redundant tips.

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