Westside cast and blast?

Can you shoot a shotgun (legally) from a drift boat on the Skykomish, Snoqualmie, or other rivers on the westside? This may be a ridiculous question, but I've done it elsewhere and it's much easier to ask the experts from my couch than find the reg. book.


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I was wondering the same thing...I've heard reports of some decent waterfowl hunting in the backwaters on the S-rivers, but you need a boat that can get into the skinny water.

All I know is that you cannot discharge a gun while the boat is under power. Seen guys head out of a blind to grab a cripple drive up to the bird, shut off the engine, pop it, and start back up.

Seeing that you are rowing...I don't think you have any issue. However, the biggest issue is private land...I believe people's property lines extend to the bank.

I'm anxious to see others take on this too....
I seem to remember a drifter passing by me on the Green a few years back with a guy holding a shotgun. Possibly hearing a few shots that day too. Obviously that's a little south of your S-rivers and the regs may be different along with public/private land, but who knows. I was just asking a friend the same while walking the Sky recently and watching some honkers pass by. Will be checking the regs as soon as I get my hands on a copy of the Wa Waterfowl. I've carried fly rods and a gun in the boat many times on the Yakima, great time of year to be out there. Less people, great fishing, and the occassional fly by....makes for quite the entertaining float down an otherwise drunken floater and fly fisherman packed river in the summer that's for sure.

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As long as you aren't (gas) motoring the boat you can shoot anytime, provided the area is open to hunting.

If you are running a motor the forward motion must be stopped.

There's a bend below Duvall that's worth stopping for ducks.
Since your movement wouldnt be motor powered, I dont see why not. I've seen guys doing it on the Yakima. Just make sure hunting is open on the rivers in question, then blast away!