Swap Spokane F 2 F Swap

Nice dustin. I will take a dozen of the Crawdaddy pattern too.:thumb:
Stewart "Thursday Night Taxi Driver" sounds like a good name for a killer trout pattern:rofl:
okeedokee here is the plan boys!
Tie up 12 of your bugs all the same..
Put a toe tag on each one so we know who tied them.
It would be nice to bring a recipe to the final swap time if any one wants to tie up a bunch of your winners.
Have them all ready by Feb 2nd.
Be here at the the shop at 6.00 we will have pizza and cold beverages for everyone.
Bring a few bucks to put in the kitty to offset our expenses for food and drinks.
I will be checking occaassionally to see how you are doing and if you need any encouragement.



Skunk Happens

At this point I am not sure if I will be able to keep my commitment. I messed up my thumb skiing on Sunday and may require surgery. Right now I don't know much other than my right thumb is nearly useless. I'm thinking I'll still show up for the swap and offer you the opportunity to pick from stuff I've already tied.

I thought I was glad that my thumb wasn't broken until the doc said it appears I have a torn ligament... This Sunday I was going to get my first shot at SRCs, instead I'll probably be reading a book or watching TV.


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