Ed Call

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I was having breakfast before a river outing in a small town. Lady at the next table was trying to sell her big old RV/Tour Bus to some guy. She said it was too much for her since her husband passed away. They still owed 390k on it and she was looking to break even. I damn near spit out my mouthful of biscuts and gravy.


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For the cost of owning and operating an RV, I can stay in a hotel the rest of my fishing life, or pitch my tent and camp when the weather is nice.


Rick Todd

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Buck-is that a new one? Really beautiful! It looks like the 28' model which I have been lusting after! I have a big truck camper which has been used hard for the last 15 years, but my wife and I are thinking a little bigger RV would be great for extended (like 3 months or more) touring. I love camping with amenities! We spent a week once at Kelly Creek and it was great to have a shower, frozen meats, etc, plus sleeping in your own bed each night is a real luxury while you are on the road! I've taken extended road trips in hotels and tent camping. I quickly get sick of different hotel beds each night and eating out all the time. It is also a hassle to pitch and break down your camp site each time you move. So for me, a nice trailer is a great investment, even if you could save money by staying in motels. My only reservation about trailers is that I can't pull my drift boat, but my two man Scadden fits on the roof of my truck canopy, so that works! Very nice purchase! Rick


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Rick, It's the 1994' 21 Sovereign. I bought it from a fly guy who actually posts on here (although not regularly and I wasn't even aware he was a fly guy till talking with him).
This one weighs only 3,900 lbs. dry, so thats nice for a lot of reasons. I think there is a model about what your mentioning on CL right now. Can't remember the exact details, but I remember it being a pretty sharp deal.
Good luck and if you have any great spots, let me know via Private message, i'm sort of reeling to go.

Alex MacDonald

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Nice `Stream, Frank! Ida Creek campground up on the Icicle comes to mind, but the road won't open for another month or so. No pull-throughs or hookups, but a really nice little spot with eleven sites. I know the "itchy" feeling! I can't convince her Ladyship to take our new little A-frame out yet, even though it takes only about a minute to set the thing up!


"Ride'n Dirty."
I'll be at Ida creek or 8 mile this summer, maybe we'll run into each other fishing icicle creek. My favorite river.
What are you towing the A-frame with? Got any other great spots? I hear the Ronde has awesome spots!

Rick Todd

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Shumacher Road on the Ronde has some very cool riverside sites. It can be a challenge getting a trailer down that grade with those sharp hairpin turns. I've been down there a couple times in my camper and it is good for both fishing and bird hunting. One time down I got a rock wedged between my dually tires and one of them blew out before I got to the top. Fortunately there is a Les Schwab in Clarkston so we got it fixed pretty quick! Rick

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