Any recent news on Pass Lake? Plus a touch of info on Lone Lake.

Fished Lone Lake in September and October. Caught 7-12 fish each time out. The lake seems to be doing well in terms of healthy fish population. Went right after Thanksgiving and it was dead - I think that fairly cold weather we had really put the fish off. Prior to the slow down, we caught them on various sizes of Wooly Buggers (any color from olive to black - size 6 to 14). Also caught some on black Hare's Ear with a beadd head. November we tried a dozen patterns each and it was S-L-O-W to No-Go. Oh well....

Heading to Pass Lake this Monday (the 26th). Any recent reports there? Any other local lakes producing at least a few fish? A friend of mine went to Beaver Lake and got 4 a couple weeks ago.

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