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I've decided that I would like to buy a pram. Stillwater's are without a doubt my favorite way to fly fish, so I've decided that I'd like to pick up a more stable platform to fish out of. In order to help fund this endeavor I'm putting up the following gear for sale. All prices OBO. Buyer pays shipping. Paypal preferred, but face to face or other methods are fine as needed. In light of my last transaction, that many of you are aware of, I'm willing to ship first and accept payment after inspection of item in case anyone is nervous. I don't have a camera till this weekend, but can send pics to anyone's phone/email as needed through my phone.


Beulah Guide Series 9' 6 wt 4 piece. Fantastic rod that I don't really want to get rid of, but have too many 6 wts and this one needs to go. Throws a 6 wt Outbound a country mile. Lays out a 6 wt Rio Grand very nicely as well. Fighting butt. Comes with cordura tube. $175

Custom Built Sage RPL 8' 6" 5 wt. 2 piece. Picked this up on a whim on the auction site. No clue who made the rod. No details about the components. Never cast it myself. Decent condition. $65

Echo Classic 9' 8 wt 4 piece. Comes with lined Echo tube. Great inexpensive 8 wt. $65

AirFlo Tec-PS 10' 6/7 wt 3 piece rod. Another forum purchase- This rod has seen quite a bit of time on the water with me, but is in very good shape. The only real blemish is a frayed wrap that is kinda sticking up near one of the ferrules. Purely cosmetic. Has a titanium reel seat and SW safe components. Sock/tube included. $65

Custom built "Beach Cannon" built up for me by Tyler Speir. It's a 9' 5 wt rod that was built specifically with SRC in mind. Its a fabulous rod, I just don't use it like I thought I would. Details and pictures of this rod can be found at $200

Anglers Roost Enterprises (A.R.E.) 12' 5/6 spey rod. 4 piece. No tube. Comes with Mitchell reel as well as Skagit head and A.F.S line. More details can be provided on this package when I get home. Great little budget spey setup. $100

Sage Graphite IV 8124-3 "Brownie". Very nice shape. $225 Tube/sock. SOLD!

Sage Graphite III 10150-4 Recently purchased through the auction site and I really just don't need it. Great condition. Tube/sock included. $225

Sage VT2 8' 6" 4 wt 4 piece. This.has been my go to trout rod for a couple years. Cork is dark and a few small scuffs. Cordura lined tube included and I believe I still have the warranty card $185

Winston LT 589-5. My fiance bought this rod on the auction site without realizing it had a broken tip. I contected Winston and was told around one fifty for a new tip. I never got around to sending it in. Buy it cheap and send it in and have a fantastic trout rod for little money. $100


Lamson Konic 1.5's- I have 2 of these reels. Both lightly used with a few small scuffs. $65 each.

Abel Super 5N- Olive green. Purchased through a forum member earlier this year. Great reel, just a bit overkill for my needs. Has original owners name inscribed. Abel reel pouch included. $350

Orvis Battenkill LA 3 Black. Newer style with pouch. $80


12' Saturn Kayak raft. Purchased through a forum member earlier this summer and used for several trips on local stillwaters. Details on this particular raft can be found at:

The previous owner installed a custom rowing frame into this raft which is not in the web link, obviously. With the frame installed it has a wooden bench seat at the forward and aft end, as well as a small pedestal style rowers seat in the center. It also has oar locks and comes with oars. This is a great raft for lakes. I used it to take my son out several times and we had a blast. Super stable and handles very well. I wouldn't hesitate to take it down easy moving water such as the Yakima etc. PM for details/pictures. $350

More stuff possibly to be added.

Thanks for looking.

Ed Call

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Nick, I've taken the liberty to attach photos of the raft from my gallery. I hate to see it on the move, but if you need a pram I understand. Wish I had room to take her back. Me and the girls have had some fun in that craft. Photos do not show the two woodent benches that I laced over the frame and thwarts or the rower's seat. Hell of a deal for $400. Ed

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I just want to say here that nick went above and beyond when all the dust settled with our transaction, and if i had any cash to burn right now id be buying that 8124 off him!

Hey ed thanks a bunch for posting those pics. It really is a sweet little raft.

Frenchie thanks for the kind words. Hope you're able to get that uniqua wet soon.

Craig message replied to.

8124 is spoken for.
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