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Great time guys, glad I got to meet all of you and look forward to seeing you guys on a beach. Special thanks to Steve for hosting and providing a great spread and beer! I imagine everybody was inspired to turn their tying room/corner/desk/shoe box into an entire tying house after that get together!

Incredible flies from everybody, and all the Haig-Brown patterns are inspiring, but way out of my league, I've got some work to do!

Larry.... I'm not done, I will find out where Turtle Rock is eventually.... GPS trackers are cheap these days!

See you guys around,


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Big props to Steve R. - you hosted a great event my friend!!

A wonderful evening with good folks, lots nice flies and a chance to discuss our favorite fish and fisheries.

I agree after looking at Steve's tying set up (impressive indeed) I'm may well work on developing a dedicate tying for myself.

Tight lines
Big props to Steve R. - you hosted a great event my friend!!

Tight lines
Great time guys, glad I got to meet all of you and look forward to seeing you guys on a beach. Special thanks to Steve for hosting and providing a great spread and beer!
This was a really GREAT event
Steve, thanks for a great afternoon/evening! What a great fly swap! You've set a new standard. I'm really glad I got in on this one. Was great to meet some legends...............

Gentlemen I had a great time too. Nice to see familiar faces again Roger, Larry and Kelvin, who inspired me some new tying ideas with his double reverse spider pattern he tied up for us.

It was also a great moment to finally meet the faces behind the names on this board. I had a great time talking and listening to everyone, especially Mr. Singletary's presentation.

Nicely done Preston, nicely done.

And last, but not least, huge kudos to you Steve, you definitely outdid yourself as a host by setting a high bar for the next swap. The wet bar with the bikini bartender was over the top!!
Just kidding.

Seriously though, great hospitality, great food and the keg on tap.... Enough said.

Oh yeah, the best tying room i've ever seen short of a fly shop too.

Damn mister!
Steve has set the standard for a face-to-face swap. It was awesome and the time went by so fast. Kelvin's potato/squid salad was outstanding along with Curt's smoked kokanee. Steve's pulled pork and beer keg topped everything off. Preston's power point presentation was first rate as were all the fly patterns.

It was good to chat with some familar faces and meet some new people from WFF. An all around good time and being able to see Steve's tying room was truly amazing.


Steve Rohrbach

Puget Sound Fly Fisher
Hey guys, what a great time. Thank you to everyone for the effort on tying amazing flies. I will try to photograph them tomorrow and post them for everyone to enjoy. Thanks to all for bringing the wonderful treats. Steve Knapp deserves a big thank you for the Manny's. I also want to extend a special thank you to Jimmy LeMert of Patrick's Fly Shop for the gift bag for every attendee. Each person recieved something from Jimmy's personally died feathers ranging from Pheasant Rump to a full Saddle. Generous beyond words. Preston Singletary added to everyone's knowledge with an in-depth presentation on Coastal Cutthroat. To be able to have Preston make a point and then Curt Kraemer add some of his experience. Kelvin did a fabulous demo of his Double Reverse Spider. It is going into my fly collection. Jim Koolic was kind enough to add a second fly that has many of us rethinking the use of Edge Bright. Dale Dennis was generous and shared a new prototype catch and release tool that I promised to provide feedback on. Dale, it doesn't work at all without Catching. Roger Stephens proved that you cannot catch too many Pink Salmon if you have a smoker. Richard Torres, Ron McNeal, Mountain Trout and DryFlyLarry, it was awesome to meet you guys and I look forward to growing our new friendship. Lots of extra flies were exchanged like my shameless tube fly copy of Larry's Popsicle Stick.
I look forward to seeing all of you on a South Sound Beach this spring as our buddy kelvin takes this show on the road.

Dale Dennis

Formally Double-D
What can I say that has not already been said, a big thank you goes out to Steve for bringing this bunch of Coastal Cutt fanatics together. It was truly a great evening spent with some great fly tiers. I regret having to leave as early as I did, would have loved to see Kelvin’s double reverse spider at the vise. The bar was set very high thanks agian Steve....looking forward to another guys.
To all thanks for sharing.


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It was a true pleasure to meet all of you guys! And Steve, you are a great host of a heck of a fly swap! Thank you very much. The fly tying room was a magical place. I could learn a lot in that room from both Steve and Steve and Kelvin! Nice setup! I enjoyed exchanging lies with every one of you cutthroat fanatics! The slide presentation from Preston, the hook release tool from Dale, and the bag of feather surprises from Jimmy of Patricks Fly Shop was awesome. Thank you to Kelvin and Steve for getting this swap together. I’m sorry I had to leave after the slide presentation. I thoroughly enjoyed the evening! What a bunch of nice people!
I was glad to have the chance to finally meet a bunch of you guys at the swap, and the flies I came home with were all expertly tied - I can't wait to get a few of them wet! The food and beer were delicious, and Steve, your tying room is EPIC and inspirational. The photos look great too - but where's the Dead Chicken?

Steve Rohrbach

Puget Sound Fly Fisher
Larry, please accept my apology. I entered every fly in the swap and when I went to upload the final file, the description for the last fly entered was on every single photo. I ended up going back and redoing the entire post one fly at a time and I missed the Dead Chicken and Silver Brown. I love your fly and it is now posted and I hope you like the description. Feel free to add your own joke about getting old here...............

Look forward to fishing with you soon.

Best regards, Steve

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