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Took my son out to my favorite local lake for a couple hours before the bitter wind was too much for him. Got on the water around noon and set us up with intermediate lines and a leech pattern that works well for me on this lake. Got our linand within two minutes my son hooked and landed a healthy 13" rainbow. Got our lines back in the water and proceeded to lose four quick fish. Just couldn't keep em on my line. At this point my son gets several quick taps followed by a slight silence and them wham. Game on. I can tell right away this is no coolie. Utter. I pull out my cell and start filming the action. 10 minutes of electric fight later I slide the net under a huge rainbow. My son and I are both laughing so hard we can't hardly sit up as I try to get a picture. Asked my son if he wanted to keep it and without hesitation he said nope Lets let him go so we did. I was so proud. I didn't get to measure it as I was in a hurry to release him but I feel confident saying it was twenty two inches. Biggest rainbow I have seen in some time. And what a fight. My sons head is still in the clouds. We fished another hour maybe and lost several more before he got too cold. Great day! Pass lake is by next target
Way to go guys. Proud of you're son for wanting to release that fish. That's great! The memory you two have of fishing on that lake together is priceless. Cherrish it. I love to think about our son and I going fishing together up in BC when he was a young lad. They grow up way too fast. It's neat that you're teaching your son about letting a fish go back to be caught another day.


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I was hoping for the VIDEO ! but a pic would do - nice write-up . Fishing kids - the best of our sport!

Glad you got out . now i'm jealous -

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Thanks for the inspiring report. I second the request for a pic of your son's fish.
I have almost gone lake fishing a few times recently, but the lake I was looking at is in the foothills, and its frickin' cold up there. I might have to drive to a lower elevation lake, or wait until spring.

Jeff Dodd

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Awesome. Not easy to get the kids into winter fish and still remember to shoot video, net the fish and help with the release! Lot's going on, good job!

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