Contour GPS versus Go Pro Hero 2

Ed Call

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I found a hell of a promotional deal at a military base on the GoPro Hero2 HD, so I got that one. The promo included a lot more harnesses, straps, fastening nubs and fittings and included a small pelican case. I got the last one they had. I used the tripod mount with the LED back on the camera to film my entire volleyball practice on Thursday. The view on the screen had me concerned that it would be very distant and too wide angle to be good for video training. I was wrong about that. I reviewed it after practice on the PC screen when I got home and I was very impressed at the 5megapixel setting on the clarity, color and quality of the video.

I'll be trying it again this weekend at a tournament, and will likley be using this video to track our statistical performance after the event. I really don't like the boxy shape as compared to the Contour GPS, but I could not find anywhere to put my hands on the Contour. The likely selling factor was the detail that in March of 2012 they will offer a WiFi adapter with bluetooth connection remote that will allow the camera to be controlled and stream video to a smart phone. I don't know but I guess this is similar to the remote controlling that is offered by the Contour GPS. I'll certainly want to check that out in a bit when it is available.

I'd say it was pretty easy to use right out of the box. I got a 32Gig SDHC card for it. The card read out an SD ERR and when I pulled up the troubleshooting from their web page on my smart phone it detailed how to format the card for first use. I filmed some stuff on the drive home just to get used to it before practice. Pretty simple and I'm already thinking how I can mount this onto my cataraft, solo boat, snowboard, snowboard/bike helmets, etc. Should be fun.
Not sure if you have already looked at it, but you might check out the Kodak Playsport ZX3. It shoots HD video, still photos and is waterproof up to 3 meters. It has a lot of other features and you should be able to find one new for a tad over a C-note. The video and sound are great and it even has a built in speaker for playback. I did a trip with a buddy who was using a contour and his video didn't hold a candle to the Playsport. Just my humble opinion...

Connor H

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Stick with the GoPro... I got one recently, and i am in love with it. The mounting opportunities are way better with the Hero than the Contour. My ski buddy has a contour, and he likes my GoPro alot more.

Ed Call

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Got it, mostly using it for practice and match filming for my youth volleyball team. Lets me relive the action to track my stats and watch for player tendencies that would need to be worked on in drills. I might have some footage from a recent cold water trout ditch.
Contour. Why? Because it's a Seattle based product designed by two UW students. The mounts and simplicity of Contour are favorable too. Great product and customer service with local roots.