Trying out some custom bamboo rods, interested?

Okay thanks SG, this is my first trip to that area. It looks like it will be just me coming up as my buddy has a scheduling conflict. I'm happy to chip in for food on saturday night. I also plan to bring some refreshing adult beverages....

Scott, I am sure James would like a spot in the cabin.

I have been calling up to the park since last week trying to reserve the spots but always got a voicemail. Glad you guys were able to book them. Rusty called me back after you guys booked. I will probably come up early Saturday morning and crash in the cabin or adirondack Saturday night.


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The park guy reminded me that my reservation allows up to two vehicles at the adirondack; I suspect the same may be the case for the cabin. Any others crashing need to pay a $5/night vehicle fee. I would appreciate some chipping in on the adirondack rental by anyone who wants to crash there. There is a light over the picnic table, but I plan to bring a lantern or two as well, and a tarp and some rope to string across the front. And an electric heater if I remember it.



The burger joint in concrete isn't half bad..I eat there every so often..and like it..

that said...Might be good to see who's bringing what for food? sounds like we got chilli..Do you want burgers, dogs, both? Buns, chips, cheese...

I can't spend the night but what about breakfast? Coffee (eric gonna bring that rig of yours?)
Lunches..Sandwiches etc.

Ok - I am missing the dates on this thru the thread. When is this all going down.

Grace Haven Cabins are a great place to stay - they have little kitchens and can sleep up to 4 I think. They are about 15 min up from Howard Miller Steelhead Park in Rockport.

Thank you
Sure thing Eric, I had planned to try and save a spot for James. There is a small fridge in the cabin and a microwave. I'll also have my fridge in my truck for transport and some camping supplies. I have a couple small french presses for coffee as well or I could probably manage a drip pot.

Once we figure out how many are going we could get a better idea of food?



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I really wish I can make it... it should be a fantastic event!
check out the video from James, looking like a really smooth rod!! lovely action! :thumb:

Whoa. This is really something. Gonna be a good time I think.
Scott. I am in for a cabin bed if one is available still. Depending on numbers of guys I can bring a Bodum or 2 as well and coffee/cream/sugar. This is very important!!!!

Sg. Potluck for Sat night sounds awesome, the more stuff that is made ahead of time... the more drinkin and BS there is! I can pick up some items on the way in like bread, butter, cheese, etc. for my addition to the Potluck.... I ain't going thru the border with a pot of food.... way too much to explain to those guys in the huts with the guns :)
Also i am happy to throw in my part on the adironack rental costs too.

Golfman. I think Dogs, buns fixin's would be a pretty sweet lunch for Sat. and easy! If you wanna buy that stuff and have a small BBQ to bring i think everyone would throw you some cashola for your trouble.
Breakfast. Fried egg and cheese sandwiches? Maybe with ham? these are quick and easy tasty treats for the AM.

Yeah. i think at this point we should get a head count of guys who will be there. and who will be staying.

At this Point I think this is where we are at.

Head Count
Golfman (No Accomadations needed)
Eric Tarcha

Chris DeLeone ?
Kerry S (No Accom. needed)
DoubleSpey (No Accom. needed)
JS ?
M D L ?
Nooksack Mac (No Accom. needed)
Charles Sullivan (No Accom needed)
Spey Spaz ?
Ian Brodie ? (if you want to cast a few cane rods with your pin let me know, and bring your pin and accesories)

Anyone who is wanting to have a spot to camp/sleep please speak up.



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I live in Sedro Woolley, about a 45 minute drive from Rockport. I am good. I will likely be running the sled from the other side of the river or Fabers and fishing most of the day but will make an apperance later in the afternoon\early evening. I have an aversion to paying 5 bucks to launch from a ramp that used to be decent until they decided to upgrade it as is the case with the ramp in the park.
I hear ya coffee is high on the list!! And for sure, you've got a spot in the cabin. I'm going to try and bring some local micro brews and some bourbon.

One question for some of the locals...what are some of the local patterns for the Skagit? (i.e. Wicked sweet egg patterns??....just kidding). I would at least like to try and bring some appropriate patterns. Traditionals, intruders, tubes, etc. Any input is appreciated.

I'll definitely be there, but probably just for Saturday.

Flies? The same ones you'd use on any big winter steelhead river. Sink tips about 98% of the time.

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