Trying out some custom bamboo rods, interested?



holy shit eric...I was there on sat. and there was nothing at rockport...some snow falling but not like up in other spots...fished lower down till 3 and left and it was sunny on the way down...guess sat. was the better day...even broke the spring on my pre war on a hot fish..


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Do we want a contingency plan for the following weekend - Jan. 28-29 - if this weekend is a snow-out/wash-out?
I picked up another 3 or 4 inches this morning in the hills north of Sedro. I would again guess Rockport received as much and likely more. Temps are now a blamy 22 degrees. Rising from 17 earlier this morning. Slight north wind blowing. If the north wind picks up it will get down right cold around here quick.
According to the Weather Channel website, nearby Concrete got an inch of snow each today and yesterday - a lot less than Bellingham. Thursday and Friday are forecast around 40 degrees and rainy. That may reduce what snow is on the ground.

Personally, I'd favor postponing it for a week. Jan. 29 and 30 are the lull before the Super Bowl on Feb. 5. But I don't know if there's a weather forecast for Concrete that far out.


I agree with you Wayne...

Think Kerry can make the call and hopefully we can get the cabins/huts the following week...
I'm afraid I already have a commitment for the following weekend and won't be able to make it. As it stands I've already got a 5 hr trip in good weather. So I'm hesitant to make the treck this weekend only to find a foot or more of snow. I've already got 1 night paid for the cabin and will have to give Rusty a call to cancel. Let me know if something else changes.



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I'd be down with next weekend, and wouldn't mind covering the cost of any cancellation fees or whatever in my share of the adirondack. But I'm just a tag along, so whatever you guys decide...

I am out for the following weekend as I am commited to other things.

How as the "big snow event" for you guys down there today? it was nothing really up here....1" tops.

Looking at current weather and forecasts I would be willing to bet that by midday friday.... there will be no snow left and back to rain as per usual....

Weather forecasts.

Please let me know by tomorrow night (thursday) if you are still interested in meeting up as planned. I will need to pack up gear thursday night so I can be at the passport office by 7:30 am friday in downtown Vancouver.


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OK, it looks like it's either this weekend or no go for James and Scott. Since Scott is driving the farthest as far as I know, I'll drive up if it's doable. Roads around Oly were marginally functional today and aren't expected to improve tomorrow. However just as soon as the warm rain hits, all the roads should be OK. But the river will go out - at some point.

I won't cancel the Adirondack for Friday since I won't be out much and would've needed to cancel today to get both nights refunded. I'll cancel it for Saturday only if we call it off. Nothing like last minute planning. Which is kinda' how I roll anyway.

I am basically in for Saturday only now, and that is tenuous. I will know for sure tomorrow one way or another, but I may have to work this weekend, so don't count on me for lodging. I can pitch in some $$ though to cover whatever is needed.
it was no fun doing a 360 with the drifty in tow at 5 AM on I-5 North. Thank god no one else was as stupid as us to be out at that time in those conditions and we were able to get straightened out and moving before we saw any other traffic coming our way.
Yeah, classic dumb and dumber.... but worth the excitement. Next time, we'll switch into four wheel drive a little sooner.
Did I mention that I was bummed at the possibility of missing this event?? I also want to be responsible and safe. Just let me know what you guys decide so I can make arrangements by Friday morning.

Salmo. Right on. Things should be good weather wise and as far as the river level goes.... hey if it's high, I'll gladly fish the margins and pockets :)
Scott, you should still plan to come, we may not get another chance anytime soon. Do you want me to give you a call/text with conditions on Friday afternoon? If you still have reserves on the cabin let me know.
Eric still hoping you can make it sat/sunday.

Golfman, Nooksack, Chris, FlyinFish, etc. Hope to meet you guy sometime this weekend.

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