Fly tying classes at Westslope.

Beginning Jan 18th we will begin having tying classes at the shop.
Every Wednesday nite. We will start at 6pm for a couple of hours.
The first two weeks will be a basic class in two parts.
Then we will be doing single classes for many disciplines.
Here are some of the titles;
Classic Wets All classes $15.00 each materials provided
Tying with Foam If you have vice, tools and thread please bring them.
Lake flies (no buggers)
Every third Wednesday we will have an open table nite bring your tools and
tie your choice or bring a problem to solve or technique we can learn.
Open nite $10.00 cover for pizza and beverages.
Check our website for more info or call the shop.
Even though we had some pretty severe snow last Wednesday we had a good turnout for our first basic tying class. This week we will do basic 2 if you missed the first one you can still come to class 2 we are moving ahead slowly leaving no child behind..
6pm Jan 25th at the shop.

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