Gopro/accessories storage?


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X3 on the Pelican case. The 1150 holds a camera, 2 spare housings, a shitpile of attachment doodads, head mount, spare batteries, charger, blahblahblah.


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Inside Dims.: 8.50"L x 5.88"W x 3.75"H for the 1150 is pretty small and the CM300 a little bigger at 9.25 X 7.12 X 5, but that too is small, for ME. I plan on put the head mount with straps, then the chest mount with straps, the cases, and I plan on getting a second one for 3 D, but either of those cases are way sweet. Thanks for posting them as there are several more models to choose from.
Now you got me thinking Harbor Freight.

Ed Call

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Mark, too small? Who's gonna carry all that stuff on your next wilderness fishing adventure? You traveling with a valet?


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Mark, too small? Who's gonna carry all that stuff on your next wilderness fishing adventure? You traveling with a valet?
He replaced it with one that is less than an inch longer, and a littler over an inch wider and deeper? WHICH with a camera this small, that does make a difference....LOL


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So far I just take the Gopro and stuff it in a thick sock to keep from scratching the lens dome. But it's early, as I just got it for Xmas and still working out the options...

Had one......too small. Replaced it with this.

Arrived today and it's still too small!

Did you mean the new CM300 was also too small for your GoPro and accessories? It looks like the perfect size case. I'm considering buying this but don't want to waste the money. If you don't mind me asking how much stuff we're you putting in it that it was too small?


Perhaps, when I'm more accustomed to using the camera, a more knowledgeable decision can be made regarding what can be left behind and what actually needs to be schlepped along on a specific outing.
If you have the the camera/housing, LCD back, 2nd battery back, USB cable, wall/car charger, "Chesty" mount, suction mount, any number of stick-on/screw-on mounts, and the way too numerous case back doors that come with the LCD and double battery pack, everything won't fit the in CM300.
The CM300, if you can determine what you're going to need and it will fit comfortably in the case, is a good choice IMO.

As far as durabilty, strength and design, it seems great. I can stand my +200lb carcass on it without so much as a squeak from the case.
You could drop kick it into the river and watch it float way unscathed.


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I just read where they are coming out with a WI FI attachment...MAN, I am going to need a big case for all the match book sized attachments...LOL

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