Nick's First Brown

4 rods, you got it. I hate changing lines. Much prefer carrying rods rigged with the lines I expect to fish. 4 in
the tion can be pretty hectic. Its a fine art for sure.
Yep, it was indeed Pass. I don't know that I would know a Tiger in my hand if I landed one. I don't believe I've ever heard of Tigers in Pass either.


Indi "Ira" Jones
Hmmm? Looks like a brown to me and I've caught both tigers and browns, but no tigers out of pass. I know there are the occassional atlantics that pop up out of there that are also brownish but I'm fairly certain that his fish is a brown.

im pretty sure thats a brown the spots dont always have to be fine and perfect i have seen browns with wierd shaped spots even though i have seen reports of people catching tigers out of pass but not many so with that fish it could be either but i remember hearing somewhere that some were accidently put tigers in there when they stocked some 6 inch browns a few years back but thats just talk and talk is unreliable

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