A nice reminder for me why WA is sweet

As a conscientious objector to the steelhead game, I still find central WA is the best compromise of varied fishing opportunity, a reasonable climate, low population density, and relatively easy access to the "promised lands" of Idaho, Montana, and Wyo. The lakes stay fly-fishable longer than the Rocky Mtn states (I'm not an ice fisherman) and a few hours drive takes me to a huge variety of climates, landscapes, and metro areas.
I've got to give it to you there. Colorado does have it's issues when it comes to access rights. You can't even drop anchor while passing through private property, much less get out to stretch your legs and piss... I will take the climate here hands down though!!!

Were you at one of the outdoor shows here this past weekend O-Rad? I talked with Evan and Justin at the Allen booth at the fly fishing show and Derek Young at the sportsmans expo.
I came by Friday after work. The other show sucked IMHO. It was super crowded and I think it was 95% outfitters. I would rather touch products than see brochures for trips I can only dream about.
When I first moved to this state I was told by a few FF guys that the fishing was crap and I needed to go to BC for good fishing. Coming from Ca. I thought it was pretty amazing right here with all the lakes, rivers and beaches. I'm sure it is great in BC but I have yet to find the need to try it. For the type of fishing I enjoy I have been traveling around the state for over 7 years and still have a huge list of places I still want to explore. I enjoy the experience more than most maybe and can have a great time exploring new water and maybe catching a fish or two just as much as a 30 fish day.

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