Personal Pontoon Craft For Sale $300 o.b.o

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I bought this beauty back when I was in college and have floated many a local river fishing for salmon, trout and steelhead. But alas after a few years off of the Ramen Noodle Diet, the boat has become a little cramped and I was forced to upgrade to a larger craft ;)

The boat is in great shape as she was well taken care of; heated garage for storage and never left over-inflated. No leaks, no patches, no repairs; the pontoons/bladders have never been damaged, punctured or torn, just mild scuffs on the bottom from dragging over shallow riffles. I have made a few modifications/upgrades to the original equipment over the years; custom rear platform, stronger oar locks and a cushioned, swivel seat (not shown in photos).

I have floated streams as small as the upper Wishkah and as large as the Cowlitz, and I usually adhered to milder waters; no Class III rapids for sure, probably only Class II at best. The boat is well suited for someone weighing less than 220lbs, although it will carry more; you just tend to sit a little lower in the water. :D

The asking price is $300 for the boat; fish stories are free. My wife tells me that is a firm price (for the stories), but I am willing to dicker (on the boat). Geographically, the boat and I (and the wife) reside in the Puyallup area if any of you are wondering how far you would have to travel to acquire such a fine fishing-catching vessel. If you need any information that cannot be ascertained from the pictures you can post questions on the thread. PM me (serious inquiries only) if you can’t live another day without owning this sturdy, reliable, sea (river)-faring craft, and we can discuss how to make the transaction happen.

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