Summer Steelhead Questions

This summer will be my first fishing for summer steelhead, so I am looking for any suggestions on when, where, and how. If anyone has any places for me to start looking for these fish this summer that would be nice. I believe that most rivers open 6/1, but correct me if I am wrong. When do you people generally start fishing for summer steelhead? I live in Bremerton, so I thought about looking at the South Fork of the Skokomish. Thanks for any advise. -Nick


The dumb kid
if the stilly has a good run, fishing on the northfork can be great. kinda a long shot from bremerton, but worth it maybe if you camped and fished it for a couple days.

Steve Buckner

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Summer fish are just starting to show on the Kalama and they've been caught on other Columbia Tributaries as well.
The Cowlitz will probably see the first of the Summer fish within the next week or so if it hasn't already. Fishing usually gets going in June and gets better through October/November.

I'm not sure how big of a run the Skokomish gets, do some research, ask around. You might want to head to a river that is known for large runs.

Steve Buckner
If you are into the drive we can meet up for some steelheadin' on the SF Toutle this june for sure. This is my home stream and I have had some great success there. Bit of a drive for you maybe but worth it!
Send me and email if you are interested or maybe we can meet up for the Skokomish.


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About the 'nooch...what is a suggested flow to target summerruns? I am thinking of fishing in late July and all I really have to go on would be flows, thanks for help and private message me if you wish.
Nick, summer steelhead are so much more fun than winter fish. Generally you use a smaller fly that is dressed lightly and the best thing is you can skate the fly on the surface using a floating line. A fly like a muddler minnow skated and waking can bring on strikes that will rattle your cage. Grass hopper patterns will work later in the summer if there are some hoppers around. Just about anything that will cause a commotion on the surface will catch a summer run. The largest summer fish I ever landed was on a size 8 black wooley bugger skated through a tailout, a twelve pound hen on the Green that tested my 6 wt. to the max. I was actually working some cutts when the hen took my offering.


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Summer Steelhead Questions LOL Crump

You can't go by flows on the Nooch. There is NONE during the summer. Be prepared to wade. There is virtually no water depth on it during the summer. You can use a pontoon on it. But be prepared to even drag a small boat. So, if you plan to go, just go. Chances are though, they will be low in the system (Black creek down) in July. You will get some fish that will run up, even up to my Dad's place below gravel bar launch. But not alot.

Ok, now onto my spiel. LOL. If I were you. I'd also suggest the Nooch (like I said, be prepared to do alot of wading). You also have the Chehalis and quite a bit of the rivers on the OP. Then, of course the Cowlitz.

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Ah, the N/F Stilly. One of my favorite rivers. Just 17 miles from my front door to the hole above Trafton. And the S/F is even closer. Some nice fish in the S/F.

If you would ask me when to go summer run fishing?
Right Now (sorry its not open yet)
There nothing like summer run steelhead fishing!
I'll travel great distance for summer run fishing
I start in 18 days (count down begins)
Sandy Clave then on a river in ***********:beer2

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