Banks Lake

I'm going to be near Coulee City around the end of the month and i was thiking about trying Banks Lake. I was told that big rainbows are in the shallows around this time. I was curious about the where, how (flyfishing), and whens of fishing this lake. I will be fishing from the bank probably on the south end. Any info would be appreiciated.
I don't have any first or even second-hand knowledge about flyfishing for trout at Banks, but I do know that the lake has very big trout that come regularly to bait and gear anglers, some who target the trout, and some who catch them incidentally fishing for bass or walleye. From the descriptions I've gotten, the trout are definitely in areas where they could be targeted with fly gear, but unfortunately, most of the reports I've heard put the good fishing on the west side of the lake, a little out of casting range from the highway side, and quite a lot of kicking in a float tube.

I guess I don't know why trout wouldn't be on the east side; it certainly looks fishy. There are an awful lot of carp in the shallow coves along the highway side, maybe they crowd out the rainbows. The guy at Big Wally's in Coulee City has said that he doesn't understand why more flyfishers don't fish the lake; he believes it could be a great fishery. It is giant, and would certainly be a power-boat show, but we're talking seriously big trout. Take a look on the wall at Big Wally's sometime. And they can probably at least tell you where you're likely to find some trout, even if they may not have much flyfishing input to offer.

The Blue Dun flyshop in Wenatchee might also be a resource. They do guide trips on the lake for carp (I don't know how the fishing is this time of year), and maybe they've begun learning things about the trout.
I've fished the North West end of the lake in the summer time and caught a few big crappie and seen some big carp, but I've never had any luck for trout. I always figured they were just too deep in the summer time for fly fishing. I will give it a try and let you know how I did.
Fish till ya drop.
Then suck it up
and fish the evening hatch.

There used to be a stocking operation for Rainbows at the Coulee City Marina and people fished them frequently w/bait off the city jetties at the Marina. The big spawners came back that area of origin to spawn or were attracted by the water movement from the outlet there. Unfortunately this operation was changed a few years back to all silver trout and now I see no one fishing rainbows in that area.

Late this month (March) will be early for any food to be present in the shallows, so I douby you will get any flyfisning till about mid
April or later this year. Bad prolonged winter.
Another spot I hear of fish being caught is over deeper water in front of Steamboat Rock. But that would be strictly a boat show w/fast sink line and streamers.
Good luck, you're into a pioneering operation. I've seen zero flyfishers on the lake in 5 years of watching it.

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