First built rod. TFO TiCr 9' 5wt


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Thanks to you all for those kind words. I'm not even tested that rod yet and I'm thinking already next project!

I was trying to get as good photos as possible to get rod look good. I've seen such a bad photos where all highlights have been washed out.. And with this kind of photos, it gives you something to think. You won't just pass to next topic. You will look more precisely.
Looks really nice,the epoxy looks good!!
I'm working on my first rod at the moment,if it comes out half as good I'll be happy.


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Oh, WOW! Suchs a kind word from you guys! I'm totally speechless.. Thank you :) I've been testing out this rod for few times, and I love it! It is just suberb! Roll casts, single hand spey.. You know, all casts are so easy with this rod. This rod is not perfect, it have it's "first timer mistakes" , but that is not bothering me. Next time I will pay more attention when I'm epoxying.. Maybe TFO Finesse will be next, who knows ;)

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