favorite steelhead flys for nymphing

Ed Call

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A guide I know and trust had me and another fisherman field testing some of his new steelhead nymphs. They are money for sure. Sorry, no pics allowed, no descriptions. I can say that I spent a chunk of time tying up a load of them so that I'd have plenty the next outing.

Ian Broadie

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I like a hot pink bead head Pat's Stone with a dropper of sorts... but I usually fish that riggin' from a center pin as nymphing for steelhead on a flyrod is not a whole lot of fun for me.


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money bug, skunk, green butt skunk, thor, dean river lantern, kaufman's stone, wooly worm, bunny fly, alaskabou, wooly bugger, montana nymph, bitch creek, etc.

Jeremy Floyd

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I did not take the time to read this entire thread. Here is my input for any river in Wa.

Double beadhead body Golden Stonefly with rubber legs, Beaded Black Stone with rubber legs (has like 5% red and blue dubbing worked into the black dubbing), Beadhead Assassin, Copper Herniator.. I caught the most steelhead on those nymphs over the last few years. Clients caught the most too using them amongst the myriad of flies they tried while fishing with me.

beads.. they just work for everything

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