Sage 586LL Reel Seat Repair Question


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Have a Sage 586LL and the threads on the reel seat are losing their epoxy grip with the wood insert and moving as I tighten the seat on a reel foot. Seond LL I've had do this...20 year old rod...guess it's ok. Sage cautioned me against filling the reel seat with too much epoxy and getting it all over the exposed portion of the blank behind the wood insert...about 1/4" of blank inside the reel seat "cap" with the threads. How's a guy supposed to re epoxy this back in place without some extra goo getting back there? What is the recommended way to remove the hardened epoxy on the wood insert so I can get more epoxy back on it? Finally...besy way to remove overage epoxy from the wood insert without damaging the finish?

Appreciate the help...

Here are a couple pics to help understand...

Something is wrong with File Manager for uploading pics...:beathead: Goes through the process...but no pics are added to the File Manager box. Five tries is enough. I don't think it's me as I've posted pics before. Will try to post pics shortly as I'd much rather fix this myself than pay Sage $50 + shipping both ways for a 15 minute solution.


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That's probably why the reel seat is falling off because there wasn't any/enough epoxy between the reel seat and the blank. If I am understading correctly the threaded portion of the real seat along with the bottom cap has come off and you need to reattach the threaded portion to the wood insert and then put the bottom cap back on...if so this is what I'd do

1.) Scuff up the the existing hardened epoxy with sandpaper
2.) Mix up some U-40 Rod Bond
3.) Slather the rod bond on the wood insert
4.) Slid the threaded portion back on the wood insert
5.) Wipe off the excess epoxy with paper towels/denatured alcohol making sure get all of the epoxy out of the threads (toothpicks/q-tips work good for this)
6.) Put a little rod bond inside the bottom of the threaded portion and put your real seat cap back on.
7.) Repeat the denatured alcohol cleanup process
8.) Double check to make sure everything lines up and all of the excess epoxy is removed.
9.) Use masking tape and a place a two bands of tape starting from the top of the cork down around the bottom back up to the top of the cork.
10.) Let set 24 hours inside and then remove the tape and you should be good to fish.



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Appreciate the responses. Tried again to add luck. I think I'll need to remove a bit of the hardened epoxy on the wood insert as there is no room for "new" epoxy between the hardened epoxy and the reel seat. Also, fortunately this is an uplocking reel seat and it doesn't matter how the piece is oriented when it's back in place...just needs to stay there!


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crazy glue, a few drops. just cleaned the inside of the threaded tube, and no further issues even several years later. 3 or 4 rods i've fixed this way.