2012 NW PHWFF 2 Fly event in Ellensburg


I am available this year as well with a drift boat and also have a good friend who is also a co-worker recently retired two tour iraq vet whi would like to participate as well.
Ill watch for future updates and emails

Ed Call

Well-Known Member
Jerry, I'm in again. If my boat is not needed that would be great as I will likely be towing my tent trailer. I have another destination right after the event. I can man a boat, shuttle, cook or whatever.

If you think that my boat will be a benefit, I'll make that happen. Just let me know.

Jerry Daschofsky

Staff member
Ok, boats are a priority, but would love to get you off the oars Ed and maybe even in a boat FISHING this year. :) But again, as we get closer we will start locking down our "needs" in camp.
I put It on my calendar and will bring my boat and would love to row some folks around. I also have some gear for anyone in the boat. Let me know what you need.