Mother chukar


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and a few quail.

Pics from last day of upland. I love to chase $%%%#^ chukar but I always seem to trip and fall down when hiking the high steeprocky areas.

Managed one chukar for the day. Shooting not up to par and a few times I was too off balanced to shoot. Managed a few quail down low

See a few deer hiking to my area in the morning

Snow down low and good quail sign.

The dog picks up birds

Managed to scratch out a few quail. I jumped a covey of at least 30 and took 2. Tried to shoot only males this time of year.

And manage a few more quail

Now I start my climb for %&&^% chukar and see elk tracks and elk up higher . Look closely and can see the herd of elk on top.

The dog starts to key in on a covey of chukar and they start running across the rocks then get up and fly. I am side hilling it trying to keep up with the dog and fall down 3 times. I manage 1 bird.

I get up to the top and the dog starts on a another covey . Cannot keep up and too steep to position myself for a shot. They fly down into a steep canyon. Not going after them.

My dog is like WTF why didn't you shoot?

I find some birds in grassy area on top but the birds are running and cannot keep up.
Dog is pointing a covey but they flush too far away. Damn

Find what I think is petrified wood

Only managed one chukar and 6 quail that day but a rewarding day to end the season.

Next year Mr. chukar next year.....
Great report and beautiful pictures. I'm already going through upland hunting withdrawals. Didn't get out enough and poor results. I'm anxious for turkey season now.


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Awesome report and pics! I was not able to hunt in January due to family and work issues and I am super bummed about not getting out much this year. Glad to see you got some good eats and the pics of the pup looking down the hill are great! Counting down to this years opener has begun..
It was a poor upland season for me.
I got rear ended on New years day and was to stiff and sore to hunt the last two weeks of the season.
I hate chukars, I love to kill'em, love to eat'em.
Chukars love the cliffs and I hate the feeling I get when the dog goes over the edge and I can't see her.
I've never lost a dog, but I have had friends that didn't teach the dog to be tight on the flush and have to bury the dog at the end of the day.
Nice pics, Tom