Monster Hawaiian Bones- Chapter 1.

With my parents doing their thing over here in Hawai'i and me being 24, there is only one thing I want to do- and that is fish.
I will be honest, I suck at this bonefish game. Or I guess I should say I suck(ed).
I've caught bones here blind casting but I wanted a real bonefish experience- stalking, casting, stripping, striking, fighting, landing.

Well, spotting Hawaiian bonefish is redics hard. Really hard to be honest. Don't bring your Cuba game here and think you're a pro, even if you go down there for a week every year for ten years. Let's be honest- You haven't been bonefishing for ten years, but ten weeks.

I went down to the bottom of Kapahulu and practiced spotting fish there as it is a marine reserve and there is no fishing allowed and HUGE bonefish hang around where the locals throw bread into the water to feed them. These huge bones (easily 8 or 9lbs) are just like carp in this spot and will suck the bread off the surface too. It is a great spot to practice spotting: Stand on the breakwall and find where they are, then walk down onto the beach and wade in and try to spot them in the same area. It's pretty cool.

Anyways, ended up hooking up with the Coach (Duff) and spent a couple days on the water with him. I will tell you I learned more in those two days then I would have in a lifetime of my own. Lots of little things that I feel people over look and that if they took the time to focus on, it would improve their game significantly.
If you're coming out here and want to get the chance and get shots at total pigs, book a day with Coach Duff.

He's full of info, honest, and is a lot of fun to hang around with and spend a day on the water. He knows his shit out here.

The first day me and another Canadian shared a boat and though the winds weren't right, we got multiple shots at 8 and 9lb fish. I actually spotted a pair myself that was crusing at about 50 or so feet at 2'oclock off the front- quite impressive for me considering they were cruising and not tailing. Anyways, I'll tell you and be honest- me and the other dude fucked up our chances- but the coach took it in stride and helped us out- gave us pointers and tips for the next fish.

On day two out on a wadeable flat I had two shots at two separate pairs of tailers and got no love. Then we found a spot on the edge of the flat that seemed to produce a lot of fish. The client that Duff had with him had the most and best shots at it, but with the variable winds not being what we wanted, the bonefish just weren't eating. They actually weren't even really showing interest in the flies- frustrating!

Anyways, since this is turning into a novel I'll end here, and hopefully in Chapter 2 I will add some pics!


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